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General Psychotherapy

A safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings.


Trauma Processing with EMDR

A powerful and evidence-based approach to treating trauma.


Relationship Counselling

Improve your communication, understanding, and overall satisfaction with your partner.


Psychosexual Therapy for Men

Improve your self-esteem, reduce stress, and enhance your connections.


Trauma & Stress

Sometimes, the presence of trauma is not immediately apparent.


Autism, ADHD and Giftedness

Autism, ADHD and Giftedness frequently co-occur in varying combinations.

Ayhan Alman
UKCP registered Psychotherapist
EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner

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Taking the first step to finding the right therapist might feel like entering unknown territory. It’s understandable to have questions, uncertainties, or even feel a bit wary. Making this choice is a sign of your dedication to your own well-being.

In a world full of tasks and pressures, deciding to seek support for your mental health is a big step. It shows your strength, resilience, and a wish to lead a more satisfying life. Please know, you’re not on this path alone.

I’m committed to creating a therapeutic relationship based on trust, respect, and working together. We can look at the issues you’re facing, discover your strengths, and move towards the changes you’re hoping for. It’s about finding common ground, aligning our journey, and starting a journey of self-discovery and growth.

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Neurodivergent Practitioners Directory

The Neurodivergent Practitioners Directory offers a list of affirmative practitioners with specialists from various fields, including creative art therapy, individual therapy, relationship therapy and occupational therapy.

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The Adult Autism Practice

The Adult Autism Practice is an LGBTQ+ friendly, neuroaffirmative practice and can help with formal, sensitive and nuanced autism diagnoses.

Discover The Adult Autism Practice

Affordable Counselling Services

There are several counselling services in the UK which might be able to help with affordable counselling services. Please get in touch with them directly for an assessment.

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Projects & Publications:

Queering Gestalt Therapy

An Anthology on Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversity in Psychotherapy

I am delighted to share that Routledge has published “Queering Gestalt Therapy – An Anthology on Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversity in Psychotherapy“, available now on Amazon. This book is a joint project with my colleagues, Dr Vikram Kolmannskog and John Gillespie.


DNA of AI: Minds, Bodies and Bonds

Podcast hosted by Femma Ashraf and Ayhan Alman

A podcast focused on the impact of Artificial Intelligence in our lives. Discussions range from AI in cancer diagnosis to the challenges of human-AI interaction and biases in AI systems.

Visit YouTube Channel

Trauma Sensitive Research

Integrating Trauma-Informed Practices into the Qualitative Research Lifecycle

The manuscript for “Trauma-Sensitive Research” is completed and is currently being prepared for publication in 2024. This project brings together my main interests in qualitative research and psychotherapy.

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