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Bereavement, Depression, Low Self-Esteem & more


Values & Approach

Psychotherapy, EMDR & Intimate Partner Therapy


Therapeutic Process

Anxiety & Stress Reduction through Transparency about my Therapeutic Process

Ayhan Alman
UKCP registered Psychotherapist
Trauma Informed Psychotherapy, EMDR & SSP

Hi, I’m Ayhan [Eye u h n]

Psychotherapist, EMDR Practitioner & SSP Provider

Welcome to my practice. As a UK trained psychotherapist, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) practitioner and SSP (Safe & Sound Protocol) provider themes of belonging, connection and self-esteem are close to my heart. Many circumstances can cause a great deal of suffering, such as the loss of a loved one, adversity in childhood or later in life, stressful events, or work arrangements that are not aligned with your needs. Therapeutically I have a vested interest in Trauma and Neurodiversity. I hope you will find these pages useful to decide whether you want to contact me.

I am a full clinical member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy and I hold an MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Metanoia Institute in London. To find out more about therapy, please get in touch via my contact form:

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Please note, the content on this website has it’s own life, because I enjoy editing. I prioritise authenticity and up to date content over precision. Despite the typos and draft-like edits, I hope you’ll get a sense of me as a practitioner.

Areas of Interest:

Adult ADHD & Autism

One of the areas that caught my professional interest in the past few years is neurodivergence in adults. What I mean by that is that brain and nervous-system operate differently for some people. Examples of neurodivergence are ADHD and Autism, but there is a lot more to it.

Discover Neurodiversity

Trauma, Stress & PTSD

Many clients who seek my support have experienced various degrees of stress from overwhelming past experiences that still impact on them even though the event has passed. These type of problems are often addressed as trauma, which may sound like a big word, but all it means is literally “wound“.

Discover Trauma

Therapeutic Services:

Bereavement, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, and more

How can I help?

Counselling & Psychotherapy are both evidence based psychological therapies. I use both words interchangeably. Talking to a psychotherapist can significantly improve your wellbeing, reduce stress and help you get through difficult phases of your life. By being transparent about the benefits and my process I hope I can help reduce anxiety and stress.

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Psychotherapy, EMDR & Relationship Counselling

My Values & Approach

I am a humanistic, integrative psychotherapist which means my outlook into the world is biased by values of care, compassion, dignity, justice and personal growth. It also means as individuals we are inherently different and therefore one therapy approach never fits all from my perspective.

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Stress & Anxiety Reduction through Transparency

My Therapeutic Process

Transparency about my service is helpful to the clients who enjoy working with me. That’s why I decided to map out my therapeutic process, so that you have an idea what will happen when we work together. Please bear in mind, there may be variations of this process, depending on the challenges we are dealing with.

Discover the Process of Therapy

Psychotherapie, EMDR und Beziehungsberatung

Deutsch ist meine Erstsprache

Viele Menschen finden es schwierig mit psychotherapeutisch Arbeitenden in Kontakt zu treten. Daher freue ich mich besonders, dass sie meine Seite gefunden haben. In der eigenen Muttersprache lässt es sich oftmals einfacher reden, besonders über Dinge die einem nahe gehen oder am Herzen liegen.

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