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Ayhan Alman
UKCP registered Psychotherapist
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Taking the first step towards finding the right therapist can feel like navigating uncharted waters. I understand that this journey comes with its uncertainties, questions, and perhaps even a touch of apprehension. It’s a profound choice that reflects your commitment to your well-being.

In the midst of a world bustling with responsibilities and demands, seeking support for your mental health is a significant decision. It’s an acknowledgment of your strength, resilience, and the desire to live a more fulfilling life. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this pursuit.

I believe in fostering a therapeutic partnership that’s built on trust, respect, and collaboration. Together, we can explore the challenges you’re facing, identify your strengths, and work towards the transformation you seek. It’s about finding resonance, aligning paths, and embarking on a voyage of self-discovery and growth.

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Thriving Autistic Practitioner List

Thriving Autistic offers a neurodivergent affirmative practitioner list with specialists from various fields, including creative art therapy, individual therapy, relationship therapy and occupational therapy.

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The Adult Autism Practice

The Adult Autism Practice is an LGBTQ+ friendly, neuroaffirmative practice and can help with formal, sensitive and nuanced autism diagnoses.

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Affordable Counselling Services

There are several counselling services in the UK which might be able to help with affordable counselling services. Please get in touch with them directly for an assessment.

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Book Publication:

Queering Gestalt Therapy:

An Anthology on Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversity in Psychotherapy

I am delighted to share that Routledge has published “Queering Gestalt Therapy – An Anthology on Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversity in Psychotherapy“, available now on Amazon. This book is a joint project with my colleagues, Dr Vikram Kolmannskog and John Gillespie.


Routledge Summary of the Book:

“The first peer-reviewed book of its kind, this important volume addresses a current gap in the field of gestalt therapy: that the practice—and psychotherapy more broadly—still suffers from pervasive hetero- and cis-normativity.

This book offers gestalt-therapy-based research and training material on gender, sex, and relationship diversity (GSRD), including chapters on a variety of GSRD issues and how therapists can become more GSRD-sensitive. The contributors position themselves across the whole spectrum of GSRD and offer their voices as an invitation to further queer the gestalt community with diverse content ranging from academic, research-oriented pieces to experiential, reflective perspectives. Featured chapters explore topics including gender-radical clients, sex and sexuality, relationship diversity, integrating GSRD and gestalt therapy, and addressing heteronormativity in gestalt therapy training.

Queering Gestalt Therapy is for everyone who is interested in gender, sex, and relationship diversity, especially as they relate to gestalt therapy practice. This book will be especially useful for therapists, supervisors, coaches, and students of gestalt therapy.”