Consulting Executives & Organisations

As an organisational consultant, I support executives and HR departments to make a difference to their employees lives. Humanistically trained, research oriented and savvy with psychometric assessments, I can help develop strategies to improve your staff wellbeing.

After spending 15+ years in organisations from small agencies, large corporations and governmental departments, I understand that work environments are in constant flux. I’ve been wondering how I could help the people who are dedicating vast amounts of their time to their employers.

From my I experience, unless organisations make a conscious effort for diversity and inclusion, most will continue to fall into the trap of unconscious bias. Needless to say, that hiring choices will be influenced by the person at the top, their worldview, their values, their wellbeing, if these dimensions are unchallenged.

Understanding Unconscious Biases

If your executives are holding opinions that may influence your diversity and inclusion strategy, I can help with 1:1 sessions to explore and challenge these opinions in a non-judgmental setting:

  • Exploration why your executive may have developed biases
  • Understanding systemic racism, LGBTQ+ phobia, ableism, and intersectionality
  • Raising awareness for these phenomena and understanding their purpose
  • Supporting executives to own their privilege and help reduce defensiveness
  • Exploring strategies to remove unconscious bias and be more open towards difference

Preventing Executive Burn-Out

It doesn’t come as a surprise that executives are at high risk to lose their empathy when their role power grows. This phenomenon is known as the power paradox. Speaking with an independent consultant can support those, who want to maintain their mental and emotional wellbeing. This can help with:

  • Making decisions
  • Developing empathy for self and others
  • Remaining human despite adversity
  • Dealing with stress at work
  • Learning to value work life balance

Trauma at Work

Sometimes awful things happen at work such as fatal accidents, assaults, or other life threatening events. In these instances a 6 session EAP support won’t serve the person who has experienced trauma. I can help with:

  • Realistic assessment of the problem
  • Realistic estimation of time and resources needed
  • Support in finding clinicians who can help
  • Psychoeducation for HR staff to understand trauma
  • Help with measuring progress during treatment