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Historically, I have been sharing my contact details on my website for those wanting to get in touch. The amount of unsolicited marketing and spam overwhelmed me, so I no longer share my email and phone number. Please use the contact form below to get in touch.

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Professional Boundaries and Social Media Usage

My privacy matters to me. Please be mindful that learning and maintaining boundaries are essential aspects of therapy. It is what builds trust and therefore influences positive therapeutic outcomes. I am as transparent as possible about my boundaries which, in essence, means my personal life is private.

  • Therapeutic contact is limited to the session, so you can feel at ease knowing that your therapist is unlikely to contact you out of bounds unless absolutely necessary.
  • Please email & text message me outside of sessions only for emergencies or administrative purposes (e.g. rearranging or cancelling sessions).
  • Most of my social media accounts are private, and I encourage clients to block me if they come across my accounts.
  • I care deeply about respecting my client’s boundaries and privacy, and I welcome the same respect towards my privacy.

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Ayhan Alman Psychotherapy

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