Fees 2024

Consultation Fees

My fees reflect the value of my services and the dedication I’ve put into my practice. They align with my commitment to delivering high-quality care. I recognise my fees may restrict access for some who would benefit from my services. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of affordable counselling services. Additionally, Access to Work may offer funding for those returning to work.

Initial Consultation

£50 30-min online session

Book Initial Consultation

Consultation Fee (self-funded)

£125 per 50-min session

Advance Block Bookings (self-funded)

3 Consultations: £330 in total / 110 each per 50-min session

Organisational Bookings

For organisational bookings, the fee structure differs. Please request a quote through the contact form for specific pricing details.

Payments & No-Cancellation Policy

I operate on a pre-payment system, which means the fee for the upcoming week is due in advance. I accept most debit and credit cards, including AMEX. I have a strict no-cancellation policy, which means when you commit to therapy, the fee is due weekly even if you cannot make it to therapy due to illness or other commitments. This policy is designed to create a supportive structure for both you and me, so we can focus on your progress without the added stress of scheduling changes. It helps ensure a consistent and positive therapeutic experience for all involved.

Working with Health Insurance Companies

I am registered with AXA, Aviva and WPA and can bill them directly. Some international insurers may only require my professional registration, not formal registration with them. Check if they cover psychotherapy and EMDR with a UKCP-registered practitioner. Always confirm with your insurer before beginning therapy to ensure coverage.

Access to Work

If you’re Autistic or diagnosed with ADHD, you may qualify for support from Access to Work. The application process is straightforward and you can apply online. The current waiting period is about 12 weeks. If you have already secured funds, please get in touch via my contact form to discuss the first steps.

The First Step

Self-Assessment and Getting in Touch
Assess if working with me suits your needs and if I’m the right clinician for you. If affirmative, click ‘Get in Touch’ and fill out the form.

Pre-Screening and Preparation
Following your enquiry, I will share a link to my self-booking system, where you can book an initial video consultation. This call serves as an opportunity for us both to determine if we are a suitable fit to work together. In some cases, like psychosexual therapy, further steps, such as a self-organised medical examination, may be advised after this call.

Setting Up Sessions and Starting Therapy
If you decide to move forward after the initial video consultation, we will work together to schedule the start date for your therapy. Please keep in mind that due to my limited availability, there might be a waiting period of several weeks to a few months, depending on your scheduling preferences. If we are unable to agree on a start date that suits your needs, I can offer the choice of joining a waitlist or assisting you in finding a suitable referral to one of my colleagues.