Intimate Partner Therapy for Adults 18+

Relationship Counselling & Couples

Intimate partner therapy, often called couples therapy, is a specialised form of psychotherapy designed to improve communication, understanding, and overall relationship satisfaction between romantic partners. This collaborative process helps couples navigate conflicts, enhance intimacy, and build healthier, more fulfilling connections.

In intimate partner therapy, my job is to preserve a delicate equilibrium between you and your partner while skillfully facilitating an open and constructive dialogue. My aim is to cultivate a respectful and secure environment where both of you can comfortably express your thoughts and feelings, ensuring your voices are heard and understood by each other.

Reducing Relationship Stress
Relationship stress can stem from various sources, including significant life events like health issues, major financial decisions, or the joyous arrival of new family members. These situations can be incredibly demanding and put a strain on your connection. In sessions, I’ll assist you in developing effective stress reduction strategies tailored to your unique circumstances, navigating these challenges, and strengthening your relationship’s resilience.

Negotiating Relationship Transitions
Long-term relationships naturally evolve through different phases, necessitating adjustments in how partners engage with one another. These life transitions can be unsettling, requiring couples to reevaluate their dynamics. Whether you’re navigating new territory together or facing complex questions about your relationship style, intimate partner therapy offers a supportive space to adapt and foster open communication, trust and mutual growth.

Navigating Endings, Divorce and Separation with Grace
When relationships reach their natural conclusion, the process of separation and divorce can be emotionally tumultuous. In intimate partner therapy, I provide support for couples seeking to part ways amicably and respectfully. I can help with navigating the complexities of separation, addressing the emotional challenges and practical considerations involved. My goal is to facilitate a process that allows both individuals to move forward with clarity and understanding.