Counselling & Psychotherapy

How Can I Support You?

Counseling and psychotherapy are both established, evidence-based psychological therapies. I use these terms interchangeably. Engaging with a psychotherapist can significantly enhance your well-being, alleviate stress, and guide you through challenging life phases.

Within my private practice, I address a spectrum of human experiences. Over my years of practice, three core areas of professional interest have emerged: psychological traumatisation, support for the neurodivergent community and male psychosexual problems. It’s important to note that my work extends beyond these themes, encompassing a diverse range of challenges. These include but are not limited to:

Stress and Resilience
In our demanding and fast-paced world, mastering stress management and cultivating resilience are essential for overall well-being. Counseling and psychotherapy offer a supportive space to make sense of stressors, strategise ways to mitigate their impact, and develop the resilience needed to establish healthy boundaries and communicate your needs effectively.

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Supporting the Neurodivergent Community
For individuals who have recently been diagnosed (including self-diagnosed) as autistic or with ADHD later in life, the journey of forming a new identity around differences can be both transformative and challenging. I provide specialised support to navigate this process, fostering understanding and self-acceptance.

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Psychosexual Therapy for Men
Sexual challenges can significantly impact well-being and relationships. I offer psychosexual therapy tailored to men, addressing sexual concerns in a sensitive and effective manner. This process involves creating a space to explore and overcome these challenges, leading to improved sexual health and overall quality of life.

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I encourage you to explore my credentials, training, and fees to decide if you’re comfortable working with me. If you’re interested, please use my contact form to initiate a first video consultation.