Counselling, Psychotherapy & EMDR

Terms of Service

Welcome to my practice. This document contains important information about my professional services and business policies. Please read it carefully and note any questions you might have so that we can discuss them at our next meeting.

  1. I abide by Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), a copy of which is available upon request.
  2. The sessions are completely confidential except under three circumstances:
    1. As part of my code of practice I am required to carry out continuing professional development, and to engage in regular on-going clinical supervision. This is to ensure an ethical and professional service to clients. I may discuss your case in supervision but would not use any identifying details.
    2. If I believe you are at risk of harm, I reserve the right to break confidentiality in order to prevent harm. However, I would only do this in extreme circumstances and would always try to discuss it with you first before taking any action.
    3. Where I am legally obligated to break confidentially by a court order.
  3. For costs associated with therapy, please visit my fees pages. Fees are due before the session.
  4. Weekly attendance and a regular rhythm increases the effectiveness of counselling, psychotherapy & EMDR. Therefore my cancelation and termination policies are designed in the service of a weekly routine.
    1. Cancellations are free of charge if you cancel 2 days in advance. Otherwise the full fee is due.
    2. Endings are an important aspect of counselling. Therefore I need at least 2 weeks notice if our work extends beyond 4 sessions; and at least 4 weeks notice if our work extends beyond 20 sessions.
  5. The law and standards of my profession require that there are written records of counselling. I therefore keep short written notes on sessions which you are entitled to see if you wish. They are stored securely in alignment with GDPR standards (see GDPR notice).
  6. In the event of you being unhappy with the service you receive, please discuss this with me. If you feel unable to do so or do not receive satisfactory resolution, then you have the right to complain to my professional body, the UKCP.